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8" Heady "Abstract" Beaker Water Pipe


8" Heady “Abstract” Beaker Water Pipe

This is a really trippy piece that is beautiful enough to keep on grandma’s shelf... But take a closer look and you’ll see this pipe functions like a traditional beaker water pipe. It has a fixed downstem with a 14mm female joint (a matching bowl is included) and a showerhead percolator that is also fixed to the base for exceptional sturdiness.

This extremely heady rig is available in 2 color variants at a ridiculously affordable price.

Great for glass collectors and enthusiasts!


Product description:




Showerhead Percolator, Angled Neck

Size / Height

8 "


Green/ Black, Green/ Amber

| Smokerolla Shop |

| Smoking Accessories Company | US and Latin America |

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