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Dab Rigs & Oil Rigs

Shop for dab rigs at our online head shop.  Dab rigs or oil rigs (sometimes called wax rigs) are concentrate pipes - a type of water pipe designed specifically to use waxes and oils or "dabs." Smokerolla has the best selection of glass dab rigs for sale; your new favorite dab rig is just a click away.

Make the most of your THC diamonds and shatter with a special dab rig. These water pipes are designed to diffuse heat, not provide intense filtration, offer dabbers an easy pull, and maximize their concentrate flavor.

We've also got a huge variety of recycler dab rigs, favored by dabbers because they are designed to keep your water and vapor constantly moving within the glass for minimum drag and maximum flavor.

Finding the perfect dab rig can be difficult, but we've tried to make the process a bit easier. We've curated a selection of the highest quality borosilicate glass rigs. We have a wide selection of dab tools to go with your rig purchase - from carb caps to titanium nails and quartz bangers to various dabber tools and accessories.

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