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Free Shipping On $50 Orders With This Code: FREESHIP50

Hemp Wraps

Nowadays, we’re taking better care of ourselves (or trying to, anyway). That extends to everything from the foods we eat to how we consume cannabis blunt wraps, including the types of blunts we smoke. Power to the blunt smokers, the Backwoods fans, and everyone in between, but for those of us who are thinking of letting tobacco blunts go, it’s time to try some alternatives. Shop this collection of a few of the best hemp wraps available.

Blunt Wraps Brands

Deciding on the best blunt wraps is a matter of personal taste. We have many flavors and brands, including health-conscious options such as Lion Rolling CircusTrue HempTwisted Hemp WrapsZagz, and Royal blunt wraps. We even have smoking accessory options to ensure you roll the perfect blunt each time.

  • Afghan Hemp Blunt Wraps On sale
    Afghan Hemp Blunt Wraps On sale
    from $ 28.99 USD

    Afghan Hemp Blunt Wraps

    Afghan Hemp

    Hemp Woods blunt wraps are produced from organic GMO-Free hemp and contain zero tobacco ingredients. These come in pairs along with two filter tip...

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    from $ 28.99 USD