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Flavored Bundle - 5 items mixed Flavors 1 1/4 Rolling Papers + 1 Box 120 ct pre-rolled filter tips

$ 13.99 USD

Our exquisite flavored rolling papers are made from Spanish sourced natural fibers and provide a slow burning tasty smoking experience for those that appreciate the finer things in life... 

Each of the 6 flavor options are imprinted with their own respective art for its particular flavor (little cherries for Cherry Baby, little grapes for Electric Grape, etc.) using 100% vegetable ink and infused with a delicious flavor that complements the natural taste of your herb with yummy goodness and we will choose 4 out of the 6 flavors.

Unlike other brands, the flavor lasts throughout the entire smoke... 

Bundle include:

1 box 120 ct  - Lion Rolling Circus Pre-rolled tips. Character*choose variant  

1 booklet "Chewing Madness" Bubble gum flavor | Silverf*ck & JellyBelly

1 booklet "Funky" Chocolate flavor | Edgar Allan

1 booklet "Electric Grape" Grape flavor | Silverf*ck & JellyBelly

1 booklet "Bloody Strawberry" | Edgar Allan