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5 packs - Lion Rolling Circus UNBLEACHED King Size (Big Smoke) Rolling Papers

$ 8.99 USD
SKU RPW-RRP-2008-5
Here's a KING SIZE cool option for King size natural rolling paper fans: 5 booklets of our signature Lion Rolling Circus UNBLEACHED rolling papers: 1 booklet per each of your favorite freaky characters: Edgar the freaky clown, Sexy Sadie, the bearded lady, Ruby 4 eyes, or Silverf*ck and Jellybelly, the fabulous tattooed conjoined twins, and the 5th booklet features the artwork of the whole freaky family...

We're pretty sure that once you try a few of these papers, you'll be wanting to get a whole box of them next!

Enjoy the roll and keep it freaky! 

Size  King Size - (Big Smoke) - 110mm 
Type/ Origin Rice/ Flax - (French) 
Burn Rate Slow
Booklet 33 leaves