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Lion Rolling Circus Collector's Edition BOBBLEHEADS - 5 Freaky Characters

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Color: Edgar the Freaky Clown - Yellow

Who doesn't love a bobblehead of a Lion Rolling Circus freak sitting near them to calm their nerves when times are rough?

Who doesn't love to pop their little fingers into their little bobbly faces and see their little heads go jiggly wiggly too and fro? (its fun!)

Well, no one we know because everyone we know LOVES these special collectors edition of bobble head dolls. 

Each special freaky family character comes in its own box- (more like a house for bobbleheads) where you can read about their origination story (how they got on the LRC team), and what makes them tick...

Available in 5 different characters: Edgar the Freaky Clown, Sexy Sadie, Ruby 4 Eyes, Silverf*ck and Jellybelly, the conjoined twins, and Mr. Trampoline and his pet owl. 

Made of durable resin and standing almost 8" tall, these dolls will stand the test of time and be your favorite go to loveable freaks for you to treat anyway you see fit, all the while constantly reminding you how bad ass Lion Rolling Circus is!