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Free Shipping On $50 Orders With This Code: FREESHIP50

Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are important in our industry because without them, how would we roll our precious joints, doobies, and porros? These are literally the papers made for that very special purpose, and that's a big deal! (Or, if you're a tobacco smoker, these special smoking papers are what you need to "roll your own"...)

Traditionally derived from a variety of different natural materials including rice, flax,  and hemp, (and sometimes less desirable things that go untouted by the manufacturers and unrecognized by users), the highest quality rolling papers in today's modern world come from European sources- specifically France and Spain among others.  Here in the Smokerolla Shop's special collection of smoking papers, you'll find a wide variety of paper brands, styles, and sizes, most of which are recognized by purveyors and rolling enthusiasts to be the world's leading brands. As for which one is right for you, it really comes down to a matter of personal preference. But don't stress in trying to figure out which choice to make because the great news for you is that any rolling paper choice you pick from our collection will be awesome. So, have fun and keep rolling!

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