Twisted Hemp Wraps | Plain Jane unit pack. 4 leaves

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Twisted Hemp Wraps | Plain Jane unit pack. 4 leaves

Blunt paper made with hemp, for those people who prefer blunt paper without tobacco or nicotine. In each envelope of Twisted Hemp, you will find four rolls of blunt paper of great quality to enjoy its delicious essences. 

Product description:




117mm x 43mm

Master Box

30 boxes


15 packs


 4 Wraps


Plain Jane


Instructions for use:

  • Open the package to remove one of the Twisted Hemp Wraps
  • Once the Twisted Hemp Wrap is opened, insert the filling carefully.
  • When the Twisted Hemp Wrap is full, curl to close the contents by squeezing lightly.
  • Moisten the edge line to seal and ready.

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