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Smokerolla's Female Friends & 21+ Fan Club, Promo Team & International 420 Modeling Network for the Cannabis Industry.

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Some of them are full time models looking for fame and fortune while others are just way cool hottie stoner chicks who love hanging around and looking awesome while they chill and smoke out with Smokerolla products in the lifestyle they make look so hot...Other Smokerolla girls dabble in many different kinds of cannabis business strategies represented here or elsewhere, and are just super cool friends or work colleagues and contacts of our company, Smokerolla, from our various locations around the world, in some way or another...

Meet the Girls

We bring them together.

Smokerolla adores and appreciates them all - and have built this page as a way of honoring, admiring, and showcasing their skills, beauty and energy to the world via our unique cannabis culture network and the many cannabis related companies seeking them.


Smokerolla loves to work with happy, fun, and friendly 420 girls from all around the world...

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