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Listed on this page are a variety of different 420 models and cannabis industry friends that we admire and work with throughout the International Smokerolla network and beyond. 

Please welcome and interact with these fabulously cool and stoney ladies and help us build our unique collection of 420 friendly targeted modeling network stars. 

Contact the girls and network with them through their social feeds and channels!


On this shoot, Dani trouped it out with the necessity of doing like 20 dabs as she kept working to nail the line: "Smokerolla always has what you want..."

Miss Cannafit

Sweetie-420pie and hottie friend Miss Cannafit hails from Oceanside California and combines her two favorite things in life to make a living: Cannabis and fitness!

Great fun to work with and a one of a kind winning, canna biz personality, she rocks the 420 modeling gigs like a pro! Go check her feed out and give her some love.


Ashleigh G is a foxy "Romanian princess" and a 420 knockout from South Carolina whose stunning looks are only eclipsed by her outstandingly friendly attitude. As hot as she is, we wonder how in the world can she still be so down to earth?

Amazing... and big kudos to her for rockin' the Smokerolla girl thing the way she does, we absolutely love her.

She's a Lion Rolling Circus rollin', Smokerolla goodie lovin' Smokerolla Girl that will go that extra mile for anybody else that might want to have her promote their favorite product - tell her Smokerolla sent ya' and give her a big hug from us!.

Dani Sciacca

Dani is an overwhelming talent and good friend and fan favorite of ours. She's one of the original smokerolla girls we were happy to have worked with on some branding projects early on together and we want her back for more, for sure.

She's a powerful influencer and will drive up up up your business numbers! Friendly and hotter than fire, not only can Dani model stills like a pro, but she can also act at a super high talent level and is amazing at playing dozens of different characters (cosplay)... and... wait for it... she's actually a talented guitarist with a gorgeous voice too! No way, not fair!!!

This girl has way too many talents! Go hire her! Go Dani go!.

Kim Eusse

Our Colombian hottie and super-friend Kim not only rocks the Smokerolla look well, but she's actually the manager of our Medellin Colombian office, so she walks the walk and talks the Smokerolla talk too! There's a reason we affectionately call her "the boss" as she lovingly tells us what to do! (especially Jhonny!)...

Smokerolla appreciates her hard work and professionalism in a way only she knows because she really is a core part of our Smokerolla family, friends, and work colleagues holding down the fort at our Latin American base.

Duchess of Dank

The latest super hottie to grace Smokerolla with her beauty is the lovely 420Nurse model Duchess of Dank. This friendly and outgoing babe is having fun tagging our brands Smokerolla and Lion Rolling Circus on her awesome instagram feed with stories and IG tag and post love...

It's as simple as that. We hooked her up with some goodies, she rolls, smokes, and tags us, and... Voila! ...she's officially deemed a "Smokerolla Girl"!


Tori the original California 420 hottie is a self described "boss and a bitch" and a friend of Smokerolla, and we think she rocks her 420 promotions like a seasoned pro.

Watch her rip dabs, take tokes, review products, and look amazing as she lays out by the pool looking like a real life 420 Barbie doll.

Hit her up to see how she can blow up your instagram feed with her fun and sexy presence rocking your brand.

Kat the Hempress

Kat is the bomb and super rocks the Smokerolla look and attitude like no other. Los Angeles ganja queen and aspiring model and creative artist, she is beautiful and sexy with a super friendly outgoing attitude that shines in the cannabis community. She's fun and easy to work with and we love her at Smokerolla and are happy to collaborate with her on many future projects!

Visit her Instagram page to network with her and see what she can do for your 420 business needs or desires...

Red Rose 13

This lovely Southern California aspiring Ganjalove model has a rock-n-roll turbo heart that will get you revved up and running hot for her skills as a promoter for your brand or weed related business.

She's a smokin' hot Smokerolla fan and lover of our Lion Rolling Circus freaky papers and we love her unique style and friendly attitude.

Knowledgeable about the weed industry (she works part time in a busy dispensary), and motivated to rock your brand, shes got a look that will get you noticed! 

420 China Doll

Lani is a lovely girl and wonderful model. Self labeled a 402 China Doll, she seems to fit this job quite naturally the way she handles large glass and other Smokerolla accessories. 

A great working spirit and fun attitude make her a pleasure to work with and we hope to have her back in the studio for another session as soon as we can arrange it.

Smokin' Sista

Ohh hellll no, you can't handle Marty the Trill McCoy, the supreme formerly Los Ganjales based sloth goddess of the SoCal cannabis community, now living in Vegas Baby!

She's an og firebrand 420 hottie boomalottie that knows how to cannabiz network like no other.

Possessing many skills, she used to be a staple at the epic weekly Friday Nite Sesh parties at the 420 Nurses station in the valley. Marty is also a trusted friend of Smokerolla and a cannabis community veteran and can be a savvy partner in growing your 420 friendly business. 

Stephanie Taylor

Description for Stephanie coming soon. 


Manuela is an experienced 420 model living and working in Medellin, Colombia, and is a good friend of the Smokerolla Retail Shop there.

She looks amazing with any of our products and makes them look better than they are because the combo of an awesome woman and a Smokerolla smoking accessory is pure magic.

Smokerolla appreciates this girl in a big way.

Melissa Greenlyf

Melissa is a working model in Colombia. Description coming soon.

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