Groups & Agencies

Listed on this page are a variety of different 420 modeling groups and agencies that we work with throughout the International Smokerolla network and beyond.

Please welcome and work with these fabulously cool and stoney models and friends and help us build this network of 420 friendly Cannabis related specialty groups.

Contact the different groups and agencies direct through their social networks!

420 Nurses

Los Angeles based modeling network and firebrand agency featuring hundreds of fabulous cannabis cuties rocking the Cannabis revolution and business world since way back!

These nurses care about your 420 health factor and thats a good thing! (They're nurses, after all, how could they not?)

They are fun to work with and creators of many innovative Cannabis community ventures, including hosting at their nurses station their famous and ever so popular "Friday Nite Sesh" weekly parties that have become synonymous with power networking for the cannabis community and related businesses in Southern California.

Smokerolla recommends you go check them out and do business with them because they rock very hard!

ganja girls

Their Instagram page is a global powerhouse and when they say on their feed "Its Your Boyfriends Favorite Feed", we at Smokerolla will certainly concur.

These babes are all top quality 420 models and influencers that will dazzle your eyes and make you wanna go run for your bong to take hits to contain yourself...

Stunning photography and professional modeling and 420 marketing network of some of the world's most fabulous Cannabis friendly models. .


This snippet from their mission statement says it all: "420 Girls is a social action campaign that redefines Flower Power for the progressive modern woman; featuring beautiful girls of all races and creeds ingesting Marijuana, this bold artistic metaphor raises awareness to ask for the Truth About Cannabis in a fun and engaging way. “420 Girls for Life!”

420 Girls exists to support the repeal of all Cannabis prohibition laws and penalties throughout the world. Not another person should suffer incarceration or stigma because of these unjust laws.

420 Girls believe Cannabis prohibition will end as more people become aware of the true benefits of the plant. Our community provides support to those bringing Cannabis awareness to the world."... etc.

Juicy ads babe network

This advertising companies award winning marketing campaigns will blow your naughty cannaminds and get your pocket books flowing green...

These 420 babes represent that special "other adult business" we all love to love but don't talk about so much.

Details and sexy hotties coming soon. In the meantime, go visit their network to learn more about what they can do for your business.. .

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