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1 1/4 Lion Rolling Circus FLAVORED Rolling Papers - CHEWING MADNESS (Bubble Gum)

$ 2.00 USD

The Lion Rolling Circus FLAVORED line of rolling papers sets a new quality standard for rolling enthusiasts seeking a little extra flavor to enhance their favorite herbs. 

These Spanish made papers enhance your smoking experience, not overwhelm it... with 7 delicious flavors infused into the papers, they make the experience of rolling and smoking joints even more fun and yummy than it already is!  

Available in regular 1 1/4 size, flavors include strawberry, chocolate, mint, bubble gum, coconut, grape, and cherry. 

With a slow burn rate and Arabic gum to seal the roll, they use vegetable inks to decorate each paper with their respective flavor icon. 

Flavor "Chewing Madness" - (Bubble Gum)
Size  1 1/4 - 79mm 
Type/ Origin Rice/ Flax - (Spanish) 
Burn Rate Slow
Booklet 33 leaves 
Box 25 booklets