10" Killa Glass Swiss Ball Water Pipe With Triple Perc Ashcatcher


10" Swiss Ball Water Pipe with Triple Percolator Ash Catcher Bowl Setup

Killa Glass has put together the total smoking package with this 10" American made glass water pipe combo. It is loaded with all the features you expect from a quality glass producer. A removable (for cleaning and transport) stemless ash catcher bowl setup with three honeycomb disc percolators first filters your toke after which the smoke continues to get even more diffused  through a shower head percolator with a colored glass ball preventing any splashback. Get your hands on this piece of genuine American made pride and know that all Killa Glass is made in California. Decorated with a black colored base and trim and Killa Logo decals.

Product description:


Glass, Colored Glass


Stemless, Showerhead, Swiss Ball, Honeycomb Percolator, American

Size / Height




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