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Holy Cannoli E-Juice in 3 Flavor Choices - 100ml bottles

Blueberry Strudel has a buttery flaky pastry strudel savor, with layers of sweet puff pastry folded into a soft and delicious shell. The pastry is stuffed with wild blueberry jam and brushed with a honey gloss for extra shine! This golden brown pastry delight offers sweet and cakey heaven to your vape pallet as you much on the perfect after dinner treat! Take your vape taste buds on a fresh and cakey journey of sweet and bold flavor, bursting with tart wild blueberries, soft and flaky puff pastry strudel, and delicate powdered sugar.

French Toast, you get thick slices of Texas toast dipped in egg, fried to a golden brown, and a generous slice of butter is dropped on top. Just when you thought breakfast could not get any better, this delectable breakfast feast gets drizzled with a thick rope of freshly tapped maple syrup and sprinkled with freshly ground cinnamon and soft powdered sugar. Take your vape taste buds on a fresh and French toast journey of sweet and bold flavor, bursting with delicious cinnamon freshness, thickly sliced Texas toast, and gooey sweet maple syrup. 

Fruity Pebbled, your clouds will take a trip to the Stone Age, with pebbled cereal lining your cannoli shell and the milk of young dinosaurs filling a nearby stone-carved bowl. This extra crunchy treat features rainbow pebbled cereal floating happily in a cream stuffed Italian treat because cmon...chocolate chips are so overrated. Enjoy this Flintstone-era delicacy and puff on cereal flavored clouds for days. Take your vape taste buds on a freshly poured bowl of brightly colored pebble flakes and chase dinosaur sized clouds as you fight for Homo Sapien dominance!