11" Killa Glass Recycler Oil Rig With Swirled Glass Percolator


11" Recycler Oil Rig with Swirled Glass Percolator

This heady vortex recycler from Killa Glass features a unique and colorful glass percolator. Get your hands on a real piece of American made pride and know that all Killa Glass is proudly made in California. A single centerpiece percolator is decorated in a psychedelic swirly pattern that is sure to keep your eyes mesmerized as you toke. The vortex style recycling chamber means smoke and vapor is filtered repeatedly until you are ready to clear your hit. Enjoy the scientific glass experience like a champ with this killer pipe. Decorated with Killa Glass logo decal and red colored trim.

Product description:


Glass, Colored Glass


Stemless, Swirled Glass Percolator, Recycler, American

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