11'' Killa Glass Straight Shooter Oil Rig w/ Swirled Glass Showerhead Percolator


11'' Straight Shooter Water Pipe w/ Swirled Glass Showerhead Percolator

The Straight Shooter by Killa Glass features a simple straight pipe form factor with elegant features such as the swirled glass accents and “swiss cheese” glass tunnels. It comes with a wide disc base to minimize chances of tipping over. Take a look inside and you’ll find the centerpiece of this pipe having a swirled glass percolator that is heady af. This rig is truly a standout show piece, but it’s also practical enough for daily use.

Comes with a 14mm female downstem joint.

Product description:


Glass, Colored Glass


Stemless, Showerhead Percolator, American, Swirled Glass

Size / Height




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