13" Water Pipe w/ Eleven Arm Tree Percolator and Spinning Anchor Filter

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13" Water Pipe w/ Eleven Arm Tree Percolator with Spinning Anchor Filter  

13" Water Pipe with a Tree Perc  is no your regular  smoking tool, with  straight neck, wide based, scientific glass bong but what make this bong different  it's comes packs with the famous tree percolation system with 11 arms  inside its clear thick, glass body. Ensuring each toke will be filtered to perfection.  This bong is made in 100% durable  American glass  able to withstand extended exposure to heat & will not shatter. Coming   with  18mm female joint bowl. 


  • Eleven Arm Tree Percolator
  • Stemless with a 18mm joint bowl
  • Scientific Glass Bong
  • American Glass Water Pipe
  • Mid-sized bong-type smoking water pipe with smart design
  • Horns design water-filtration at the base
  • Wide base for secure support
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