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5.5" AFM Puck Dab Rig With Flared Base and 2-Hole Perc


5.5" Puck Dab Rig With Flared Base and 2-Hole Percolator

This water pipe from Alien Flower Monkey can fit in the palm of your hands. A glass puck form factor with a flared base keeps it from getting knocked over. It features a 14mm female joint, fixed stemless design, and bilateral airflow percolator. The long bending neck will keep your face away from hot nails. Each piece is decorated with AFM Logo decals and a colored base and mouthpiece.

Product description:


Glass, Colored Glass


Fixed Downstem, Flared Mouthpiece, Bilateral Perc, Angled Neck

Size / Height



Cyan, Green, Blue, Light Green, Purple

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