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5 Diamond SUBDAB All in one Portable E-Nail & Water Pipe E-Nail


This is the future of dabbing. Dabbing Redefined with the 5 Diamond Subdab. This kit is an all in one enail which can be used as a portable enail anywhere and anytime, it can also be used on most water pipes easily and effectively. It is battery operated and rechargeable, simply plug the usb which is included into the subdab and easily recharge the high quality Best Fire 18350 battery which is also included. To use the Subdab as a portable enail, simply push the power button 3 times in a row and use the glass mouthpiece to inhale, the nail will automatically heat after 3 pushes of the button and the process can be repeated to raise the temperature higher. To use as a water pipe enail, simply twist off the bottom of the subdab and screw in the joint piece which can be used as a 14mm or 19mm male adapter, place the subdab on the water pipe and simply push the button 3 times to heat up. The Subdab also comes with a rubber suction base which can be placed on the bottom of it to keep it standing. Available in 3 colors, black, gold and white. Comes complete with a user manual and a black gift box.

Product description:




Portable E-nail

Size / Height

6 inch


Black / White / Gold
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