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6" Atman Nereus W10 "2-in-1" Silicone Flower AND Concentrate Rig

$ 39.00 USD


Check out this ground breaking silicone rig that hits the flowers as hard as the concentrates! Blows smoke like a champ no matter what you're smoking in it and the durability is amazing because it's silicone... (meaning you can pack it around rough style and take it camping or to parties and if you drop it on the ground after you hit it 5 or 10 times, it won't break the way a glass rig totally would.)

Pour some clean fresh cold water in it to make the hits or dabs smooth as can be and clean it in seconds when necessary.



Fits with any 14mm nails or bangers and comes ready to ship with the following attributes:  

- 14mm Female
- Metal Diffuser Downstem
- Quartz Domeless Nail for Concentrates
- Quartz Adapter for Dry Herb
- Dabber Tool
- Silicone Jar
- 2x Silicone Plugs
- Silicone Cap
- Non-stick
- Heat Resistant
- Unbreakable
- Freezer Safe