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6" Catfish Creature Glass Hand Pipe


6" Catfish Creature Glass Hand Pipe

Check out this crazy cool little catfish creature pipe! Made from high-quality borosilicate glass, he's a beautifully crafted multi-colored "fishy thing" worthy of your attention. You smoke right out of his tail and use his snout as the carb.

Some people call them "sucker fish" because they suck up all kinds of weird stuff on the bottom of lakes, but you won't be a sucker for buying one of these, because it'll be the "favorite dish" of every smoker's fish party! 

In fact, your fishing friends are going to want to "snag it", so we suggest you keep a close eye on it as it swims around in your pipe collection.

Material Glass 
Design  Catfish
Length  6"
Height 3"