7.5” AFM Angled Neck Water Pipe With Honeycomb Disc Percolator


7.5” Angled Neck Water Pipe with Honeycomb Disc Perc

Alien Flower Monkey has hit it out of the park once again with this honeycomb perc water pipe.

Enjoy tasty smooth hits from this simple and functional piece. It features a fixed downstem with a 14mm female joint and matching bowl. Smoke is filtered and cooled to perfection through a single honeycomb disc percolator. There is a large chamber to fill with as much smoke as you like, and an angled neck with a flared mouthpiece for maximum comfort as you inhale. Available in 5 different colors!

Product description:


Glass, Colored Glass


Stemless, Honeycomb Percolator, Angled Neck

Size / Height



Orange, Purple, Pink, Green, Yellow

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