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7" Recycler Water Pipe w/ a "Scientific" Look


This interesting and well designed recycler style water pipe calls out to all the self proclaimed "herb scientists" out there and beckons for a bong hit while you're watching your favorite science program on the tube... 

Multiple tubes, chambers, and percolators alongside the sidecar draw make for smooth, controlled filtered hits. Another cool thing about this approximately 7" waterpipe is its stability and handleability; it sits real nice on a wide disk base and has different handles and points where you can pick it up with ease and control the angle to your liking as you hit it. Good stuff!

Variants of greens and blue colors make it as pretty looking as it is cool to smoke out of, so score one today and get back to that science program in style!

Material: Glass

Height: Approximately 7" tall 

Colors: Greens and Blues - see variants

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