12" AFM Honeycomb Perc to Wig Wag UFO Perc Water Pipe


12” Honeycomb Percolator to Wig-Wag UFO Double Percolator Water Pipe

This double percolator water pipe is equipped with two of the best percs in the industry. It features a stemless design with a 14mm female joint and bowl to match. Filtration starts with a colored honeycomb percolator and then works its way up through a double UFO percolator. Each of these pipes is topped off with a unique Wig-Wag style glass art decoration. Available with different colored accents.

Product description:


Glass, Colored Glass


Stemless, Honeycomb Perc, Double UFO Percolator  /w Wig-Wag, Glass Bowl

Size / Height



Green, Orange, Red, Purple, Pink

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