8.5" AFM Incycler Water Pipe with Matrix Perc and Sidecar

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8.5" Incycler Water Pipe with Matrix Perc and Sidecar

Do you want to enjoy a luxurious smoking experience at a low affordable price? Alien flower Monkey has got you covered with this phenomenal stemless incycler water pipe. This high quality borosilicate glass pipe features a stemless design with a 14mm female joint. It measures 8.5 inches tall with an extra wide colored glass base for stability. The main chamber holds a beautifully crafted matrix percolator and an internal recycler chamber. This piece is topped off with a top of the line side car mouthpiece. Comes with a matching glass bowl and is available in 5 different colors.

Product description:


Glass, Colored Glass, White Glass


Stemless, Incycler / Recycler, Sidecar,

Matrix Percolator

Size / Height



Orange, Purple, Blue, Light green, Dark Green

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