Bundle Quartz Beaker with Banger Water Pipe + TECHNO TORCH


Bundle Quartz Beaker with Banger Water Pipe + TECHNO TORCH  6" Double Flame Spinal Neck Multipurpose Butane Torch

This scientific glass beaker is functional and economic. It's the perfect daily driver. It is made entirely of high quality quartz and it features a built-in downstem with banger style nail, as well an angled neck and flared mouthpiece. No need to worry about any rattling, there are no moving parts on this oil rig.

This Multipurpose Butane Torch by TECHNO TORCH has a Double Flame head with a Spinal Neck and a round grip in an overall height of 6". .

Product description:


Quartz Glass


Fixed Downstem & Quartz Banger + Torch + Dabber Tools + Wax Container.

Size / Height




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