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Royal Blunt Hemparillo Flavored Hemp Wrap (BLUEBERRY)

SKU RPW-W-2331


Royal Blunt Hemparillo Flavored Hemp Wrap 

Royal Blunts Hemparillo Hemp Wraps. All natural, tobacco free hemp wraps are the perfect edition to any counter space. 15 Pouches In A Box With 4 Wraps Per Pouch. Pre Priced at "4 for 99 cents". Each pack of these offers 4 Hemparillo wraps each for you to savor and enjoy.

Product description:




114mm x 45mm


4 Wraps

Master Case

30 Boxes


15 Pouches


 4  Wraps


Blueberry. Grape, OGK

Instructions for use:

  • Open the package and remove one of the Mintys Wraps.
  • Carefully unroll the wrap and fill with your herbal blend.
  • When the wrap is full, roll and close the contents by pressing lightly.
  • Moisten the rim and close

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