Garth Vader Star Wors Grinder - Black, Powerful, Evil...

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Garth Vader Star Wors Grinder 

When you grind with Garth Vader, cousin of the famous Darth Vader character of Star Wars fame, you grind with the best!

Evil to the core, almost has jedi powers as he shreds all herbs coming into his universe...

Full Vader body with separating Garth head grinder, made from resin and metal. Feels heavy and powerful in the hand, because Garth is a heavy kind of dude, and when he grinds, he means business. Harness your full grinding force with Garth as you rip art and shred your planetary herbs and prepare them for full fiery consumption.

Also comes in a pretty black evilbox for gift packing and easy storage.

- 1.0" (40MM)
- 3 parts
- 13 oz

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