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Glass Debowler Ashtray Bowl Cleaner removable Spike


EspañolGlass Debowler Ashtray Bowl Cleaner Removable Spike

Glass Debowler Bowl Cleaner Ashtray

This handy glass ashtray is designed as a tool particularly useful for cleaning bowls quickly and easily. The famous Debowler stands out from all the rest of the ashtrays on the planet by allowing you to use its pointed spire to remove ash and resins with a gentle probing, making them fall into the tray below. A must have for any smokers collection.


4 x 4 x 3.5 inches

Item Weight

15 oz.





Country of Origin


  • Practical and easy to use
  • Available in variety of colors
  • Ideal for cleaning glass and metal pieces

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Debowler de Cristal

Útil cenicero diseñado como herramienta para limpiar pipas cómodamente, el Debowler utiliza su extremo puntiagudo para destapar tus pipas y remover cenizas, haciendo que caigan fácilmente en la bandeja de la parte inferior.


4 x 4 x 3,5 pulgadas

Peso del artículo

0.3 onzas




Vidrio, Cristal

País de origen


  • Practico cenicero

  • Disponible en variedad de colores

  • Ideal para limpiar pipas de vidrio y metal

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