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EonSmoke Pods 5pk


All EonSmoke Pod Flavors are sold by the Display. There are 5 Packs in each display for your unpacking and stocking convenience. EonSmoke Pods come in a 4 pack for use with the JUUL Device Vaporizer.

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Eon Smoke Pods: 8 Popular Flavors 

Blueberry, Silky Strawberry and Watermelon

Eonsmoke Pods Specs

  • 1 Pod contains: 1ml – 60mg (6%) Nicotine
  • 1 Pod is equivalent to 1 cigarette pack
  • Each Pack comes with 4 pods




Eon Pods Lush Ice

Eon Pods Blueberry 

Eon Pods Watermelon 

Eon Pods Silk Strawberry 

Eon Pods Pink Lemonade

Eon Pods Mango 

Eon Pods Pineapple Crush 

Eon Pods Citrus 

Eon Pods Grape

Eon Pods Cool Mint 

Eon Pods Cucumber 

Eon Pods Menthol 

Eon Pods Tobacco