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KUSHCLIPS - Artisan Designed Pewter ROACH CLIPS & DABBER TOOLS w/ Lifetime Guarantee

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Kushclips emphatically states "these are more than just Roach clips" - and Smokerolla wholeheartedly agrees! 

Made 100% in the U.S.A, they are primarily designed for people who consume cannabis. (because we know that often times, when smoking joints or blunts, there's always that chance of losing track of time and having your roach burn down so super small it starts burning up your fingers... Ouch!) 

Well, that worry is no longer there. With these clips, each one is ergonomically designed with this classic stoner's dilemma in mind, so every clip fits perfect in your hand allowing you a worry-free experience.

The dabber tools came along as an extension of our Klips, as we logically saw a way of making some equally handy new products from our same base pieces of art.

All products are unique designs and each handmade with love from the artist and the absolute coolest things to treasure! 

Additionally, all clips and dabber tools come with a little velvet bag to keep them happy and safe and all have a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

(If for any reason the clip or dabber tool ever comes apart from the base, we will replace it without question!)