Lion Rolling Circus Freaky Rolling Trays - Small

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Lion Rolling Circus Freaky Rolling Trays - Small

These Lion Rolling Circus freaky metal rolling trays are conveniently sized, vibrantly colorful, and freaky as hell! They measure 5.5 x 7 inches and are embellished with any 1 of 4 famously freaky different LRC characters or other designs you choose.

Each freak has his her own name; there's variations of Sexy Sadie in Hot Pink, Edgar the Clown in Yellow, Silverfuck and Jellybelly in blue, and Ruby in Green... and theres also a tray with the whole fan damily together and another with Jellybelly's tattoo detail.

Roll up with the best of them with these super fun high quality rolling trays.

Product description:


Metal (Tin)


Durable, Lightweight

Size / Height

5 ½ in. x 7 in.


Classic Sexy Sadie, Classic Edgar, Classic Silverfuck, Sadie Keep
Rolling, Edgar Keep Rolling, Silverfuck & Jellybelly Keep Rolling, 
Ruby Keep Rolling, Freaky Family, Freaky Tattoos

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