Lookah Glass – Inline Perc to Sprinkler Perc Recycler

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15″ Inches Tall
5″ Inch Wide Base
Lookah Glass Gold Label
Large Recycler Rig
Gridded Inline Perc
Cyclone Spinning Recycler Chamber
Sprinkler Percolator
Thick Glass
Thick Glass Base

Joint Size: 18mm Male

If you are looking for a big recycler, look no further, this is the one for you. This piece is huge! and gives the smoothest hits you will ever experience. This dab rig is made from thick glass and features a thick base for sturdy smoking sessions. Starting at the bottom your vapor travels through the gridded inline perc which contains dozens of slits for maximum diffusion. Then your smoke travels through all of the sprinkler percs into the second chamber before being recycled back down for a continuous loop of diffusion and filtration. The cyclone shaped recycler chamber gives you a smooth rip every single time.

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