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Free Shipping On $50 Orders With This Code: FREESHIP50

Night Flower Bong

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$ 137.95 USD
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Color: Purple
  • Height: 16" Inches
  • Joint: 18.8mm female
  • Percolation: Seed of Life and Flower of Life Perc
  • Material: Premium Borosilicate Glass
  • Included: 18mm Male Slide Bowl

Elegance through simplicity. The Flower Knight is wonderfully constructed with multiple percolators for optimal synergy. The Knight uses 1 Flower of Life percolator at the bottom and 3 Seed of Life percolators on top for a maximized smoothness in every rip you take. Its multiple percolators filtrate and cool each inhale to remove any unnecessary harshness for an impeccable experience. You will not be disappointed with its performance! Each Flower Knight comes with a bowl included for added value.