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Online orders are fulfilled with care. Enjoy our local smoke shop delivery service.
Online orders are fulfilled with care. Enjoy our local smoke shop delivery service.

"Pink Dog" - 10 Piece Variation: The Piper Hand Pipes & Whatnots Combo Bundle

$ 66.99 USD

This hand pipe lovers combination isn't afraid to make you happy, because we've got "Courage" and confidence the "scared pink dog" featured as a rolling tray in this variation of smoking accessories is going to love you.

In addition to the 3 levels of quality of hand pipes in the combo, you get a cool "ying yang" design grinder and all the rest of the items you need to complete a nice smoking session among friends. (or by yourself, for that matter, as we tokers often do.)

This combination pack includes:
1) 1- 6" Eyeball glass hand pipe (spoon)
2) 1- 4" Swirly Colored glass hand pipe (spoon)
3) 1- 3" Leopard design wooden one hitter hand pipe- (Assorted mini wooden pipe as per stock availability *)
4) 1- 1..75" tall x 2" wide, 4 pc. metal grinder (Assorted design as per stock availability *)
5) 1- 5.5 x 7" Bamboo Rolling Tray - (Courage the Pink Dog)
6) 1- Clipper lighter - (Assorted design as per stock availability *)
7) 1- 2 x 2" Smokerolla Glass Stash Container
8) 1- Pack "Silver Screens" brand metal screens - (silver or gold *)
9) 1- "Heavy Hitter" Hemp wick roll
10) 2- Smokerolla Stickers

Stock Availability Notes:
- Please note these Assorted Hand Pipes & Whatnots Combination packs are all customized collections of items Smokerolla specially prepares for its customer base. We try to find the coolest stuff that make for the funnest choices, but because these bundles are so unique, some items will always be limited to stock availability.*

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* The particular eyeball and swirly colored hand pipes, Ying & Yang grinder, and "Pink Dog" bamboo rolling tray PICTURED ABOVE IN THIS LISTING will be sent to you as advertised, but the rest of the items may change from whats shown in the picture, depending on stock availability.