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PRIMO Piece - Makes ANY Bottle into a Waterpipe

$ 59.99 USD

The Primo Piece really is a primo invention... It's an all in one solution for converting virtually ANY bottle into a water pipe, anytime, anyplace, super quickly and easily.

Just fit the patented airtight seal over the bottle mouth and... Voila! You have an instant bong ready to hit your favorite herbs.

Each session can be as different as you want as you change out bottles to fit your creative mood. Hit it with a Coke bottle if you're feeling the moment, or maybe you're feeling like a brew instead? The choice is yours and as wide open as there are different shapes and sizes of bottles to experiment out of. 

(Different bottles will hit differently, based on their volume, or whatever liquid you want to filter the smoke through. All good!)

Smokerolla recommends this product with love in a bottle!

Features & Specs:
  • Patented airtight seal that fits on any bottle.
  • Removable diffuser inside an adaptable universal joint.
  • Material: Plastic
  • Approximate weight: 1.5 lb
  • Pieces: 3, plus the storage box