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7 x 7" Psychodelic Mushrooms Wooden Box Smoker's Bundle

$ 49.99 USD

Wowww... trippy man!

No, you can't eat them, but thats ok... because this custom Smokerolla psychodelic mushroom bundle in a 7 x 7 x 3" wooden stash box is a mind opener no matter how you look at it.

The outside of the box is decorated with insanely cool art showing a bunch of awesome looking "happy shrooms" and green swirley grass...

Inside the box is a matching shroom art 2", 4 pc metal grinder and a 3" tall black glass stash container for your favorite herbs. 

Add in the freakyness of a Lion Rolling Circus ultra thin regular size booklet of rolling papers, a rolling machine and block of filter tips and you can see this whole thing getting even freakier. (dig it.)

Finally, grab the included 3.5" glass hand pipe in the mix and you're all set to start your own little "herb and shroom" party!