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Online orders are fulfilled with care. Enjoy our local smoke shop delivery service.
Online orders are fulfilled with care. Enjoy our local smoke shop delivery service.

Rez-Rid Heavy Duty Resin Removal Wipes - A Growers Best Friend - Tough on Stains, Easy on the Hands

by Rez-Rid
$ 95.30 USD
SKU RZ01-120
How many wipes do you need?

Individually Wrapped Cleaning Wipes for Hands and Other Tough Messes

These super handy clean up wipes are a grower’s best friend. Perfect for trimmers and general shop cleanup, Rez-Rid wipes are tough on resins, oils, grease, tar, ink, paint, dirt, grime and many other messes. Great for hands, tools, & literally hundreds of surfaces.

The secret behind the power of this product is a revolutionary additive that breaks the molecular bond that holds grease and dirt on surfaces. Designed and manufactured by the same company as the world famous best selling Tub O’ Towels cleaning brand, you could say with confidence these wipes have real science woven into every wipe!

Having recognized a need to service our cannabis growing friends and related markets, Smokerolla is proud to say we’ve teamed up with the manufacturers  as master distributors of this fabulous product – introducing it with facts and love to our special niche of cannabis friendly business interests.

Available in packs of 3,12, 100, 120 and 350 count boxes, they come ready to use for quick cleanups for a variety of different sized businesses.


- Plant resins
- Saps
- Dirt
- Mud
- Grease
- Stains & Oils
- Odors
- Garden Chemicals
- Oil & Tar
- Pet Messes
- Paints
- Caulks & Silicones
- Expoxies & Duct Tape
- Permanent Marker
- Inks & Glues
- Adhesives & Decals


- Kush Accessories
- Shears
- Hands
- Extraction Equipment
- Fabric, Carpet, & Tile
- Tools
- Auto Interior & Exterior
- Most Hard Surfaces


Contains: Lanolin, Aloe, and Vitamin E

Product choices and variation descriptions:

  1. #RZ01-3 - Handy “mini 3 packs” of Rez-Rid wipes get you started with the Rez-Rid experience. We’re convinced that once you try them, you’ll want to use them all the time!

  2. #RZ01-12 - Similar to our mini 3 pack option above, these individually bagged packs of 12 Rez-Rid wipes give you more cleaning power to work with on more surfaces and stains.

  3. #RZ01-GR - Our most popular and pragmatic option is 100 packs of Rez-Rid wipes, and when you opt for this choice, you get a gravity fed counter display with them. A great way for small businesses to get started selling and displaying the product.

  4. #RZ01-120 - This is the wholesalers version of option 2 above, with 10 individually bagged packs of 12 Rez-Rid wipes per pack, for a total of 120 wipes.

  5. #RZ01-350 - This industrial wholesalers and distributors option come in boxes of 350 Rez-Rid wipes. This is our most cost effective option per pack for first time buyers.