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Smokerolla Gift Box Featuring Lion Rolling Circus Freaky Family Products

$ 39.99 USD

Smokerolla presents this freakytized version of a gift box for fans of our special brand Lion Rolling Circus rolling and smoking accessories!

This box contains: 

1 - 5 x 7" Lion Rolling Circus Metal Tray (Edgar the Freaky Party Clown) 
1 - Lion Rolling Circus Hemp Wrap (2 leaves per/ pouch)
1 - Plastic Grinder and Stash container  (random color)
1 - Rolling Machine 1 1/4 (random character) 
1 - I Box Pre-rolled Filter Tips (crutches) (120ct) (random character)
1 - Ultra-thin 1 1/4 booklet of Rolling Papers (50 leaves)
1 - Clipper Lighter (random design)
2 Stickers (1 Smokerolla and 1 LRC)

*Freaky Note:

Each box will come with the products listed above, dependent on stock availability, but we will make sure to mix up the characters in your box to give you an assortment of the freaky family!