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Smokeyz 4 Piece Magnetic Metal Grinder - 3 Sizes

by Smokeyz
$ 15.98 USD

Smokerolla is stoked to present another badass Smokeyz brand metal grinder for all you grinder connoisseurs out there. 

4 pieces of silver colored metal, (plus a little plastic kief scraping tool), each one with an herb shredding attitude of its own, are ready to be twisted by your hands with love - to get your precious flower to a perfect level of texture and tiny bits ready for your bong, hand pipe, or chillum. The magnetic top keeps it from falling off (as some other grinders are prone to do) and makes you happy all the time. 

This is what "grinding" is all about. This is what shredding is all about. This is what living is all about. This is another top of the line quality American made product, as all Smokeyz things are. 

Comes in 3 different sizes, (60mm, 50mm, and 35mm), each equally as awesome as the others, just depends on your size preference.

Twist. Shred. Grind. Smoke. Live. Enjoy. Repeat.