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SWINE ARMY - Hemp 420 Multi Tool w/ Lighter & Pipe Holder

SKU HP-OH-4505

Swine Army Hemp Hemp 420 Multi Tool with Lighter, Chillum, Grinder, Poker, and Rolling Papers

The 420 Multi-tool is truly a smoker's best friend. It has everything you need to have a perfect session, anytime, anywhere. The 420 MultiTool includes a refillable Clipper lighter, a custom made 12mm borosilicate glass pipe, a pack of 1 ¼ Lion Rolling Circus Unbleached Rolling Papers, a stainless steel poker that doubles as a dabber, three feet of Bee Line hemp wick, and a custom fitted V Syndicate grinder card with a “pincher” for holding hand rolled cigarettes. Proudly made with sustainable hemp fabric in North Carolina, USA.

Product description:


Hemp, Stainless Steel, Glass


Clipper Lighter, Custom Glass Chillum, LRC Rolling Papers, 3ft Hemp Wick

Size / Height

3 in.


Charcoal/Black, Olive/Mint, Copper/Brown, Silver/Forest

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