Wiz Khalifa Supernatural Cone - 12 Inch XXL


If you want the giga cone of all cones, buy a Raw Wiz Khalifa RAW Supreme Giga Cone. Each cone is individually packaged and comes with its very own poker. Now the good news, this Raw cone measures 192mm in length and has a 88mm roach already inserted for you. That is a whopping over all length of 280mm, this is for the serious party goer. As with the all of Raw's cones the paper is criss crossed and watermarked to insure a even slow burn right down to the end. The Unbleached Cones are made from the same quality natural paper used by RAW in their Classic range of smoking papers, but unlike regular Cones the Wiz Cones are made with a water based gum for a quality finish that uses no Ethyl Vinyl Acetate and has a clean tasting flavour when smoked. Each Paper is watermarked to help the cone burn evenly and slowly. 1 packet contains 1 RAW Supreme Giga Cone and a full box has 15 cones.

We Sell Only Genuine Raw Authentic Cones.

  • Wiz Khalifa Supreme Giga Cone
  • Pure and Water Based Gum
  • Translucent Ultra Thin Paper
  • 1 Giga Cone Per Wiz Pack
  • Box Contains 15 Packs
  • Size:192mm Length - 12 Inches
  • Tip: 88mm
  • Paper Weight 13 g/m2



Wiz championed hard for our original cones, so naturally we had to make The Wiz Cone. Made from RAW Natural Unrefined paper and rolled expertly to a conical shape, the Wiz Cone is as easy to fill as it is smooth to smoke.

The WIZ KHALIFA Supernatural is individually packaged and comes with its very own poker. The Wiz Khalifa Supernatural is a 12" long cone and perfect for smoking your favorite tobacco or herbal blend. Smoke them with friends or share them at parties



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