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6 Most Well Guarded Secrets About Coke Spoons

6 Most Well Guarded Secrets About Coke Spoons

Have you come across a tiny spoon with specks of white powder and possibly a black bottom? So, what is the small utensil, and what is it used for? Well, that is a Coke spoon, and its use is as it sounds like.

With a cocaine spoon, you won’t need to find surfaces and prepare lines all the time. All you need to do is scoop from your paraphernalia and take a hit while on the move. The spoon comes in handy because it holds the exact amount of powder you need to get your desired high.

However, the coke spoon should not be confused with a snuff spoon, which is also slender but is used to extract snuff from bottles. A small glass bottle, also known as a snuff bottle, is a frequent accompaniment to the coke spoon. This combination is a minimalist’s heaven, especially if they are a cocaine enthusiast.

6 Top Secrets About A Coke Spoon

Coke Spoon’s History

In 1979, this tiny spoon was listed under the DEA’s Model Drug Paraphernalia Act. Formerly known as the McSpoon, it was trendy in the fast-food chains in the 1970s. The trademark golden arches were curved on one end and a scoop on the other. It was used to stir sugar and cream by the customers, but that was not all used.

Coincidentally, one scoop of cocaine with this tiny spoon was precisely 100 milligrams. And it was popular among cocaine dealers with an ounce of ingenuity. Affordable, featherweight, and ideal for covert drug transactions, the McSpoon was invaluable.

Cocaine use was at its peak in the 70s, and the president had had it with the drugs. This led to the phasing out of the tiny spoon in over 4,500 restaurants to curb the drug use problem. However, the deal with the coke spoons was far from over.

What’s Behind the Coke Spoon’s Tiny Design 

6 Most Well Guarded Secrets About Coke Spoons

The coke spoon has lengths ranging from 6 – 9 cm. This makes it long enough to easily reach the bottom of deep containers and small enough not to draw attention to itself. It is also perfectly thin to fit through the narrow openings of the snuff bottles or other containers.

Its scooper can also hold a good amount of powder, enabling you to get a good hit on the go. Besides that, you do not have to worry about it getting lost. Some come with the design option of being easily attached to a keychain.

Effectiveness Of the Coke Spoon

The durability, ease of cleaning, and lightweight make it easy to carry everywhere. The smooth edges are well designed to allow ease of grip and placing of powder in the nostrils. It also makes sure you don’t hurt yourself when using the powder. Cleaning it is easy, ensuring high hygiene standards. When the powder has been scooped, the coke spoon can be burnt at the bottom to allow the injection of drugs through IV needles.

Good quality spoons are made out of durable metals like zinc alloy to ensure that it does not rust.

Coke Spoon’s Discrete Nature

People are very judgmental. Helping you avoid this is the coke spoon’s specialty. Measuring the amount of powder to sell to a discreet one-time hit is what makes the coke spoon a good investment.

Moreover, when tied to a set of other keys, it becomes cloaked, and therefore no one can ever know what you are up to. 

Aesthetic Appeal Of the Coke Spoon

Since the banning of the McSpoon by the DEA, the coke spoon has become an antique item. For example, two artists based in San Francisco made a name for themselves by creating an art project named ‘Cokespoon No. 2’. It was featured in many art galleries and sold for $295, after which this fuss was killed.

Coke spoons come in a variety of designs that can be very appealing to the eye. These include tiny keys, shovels, and different measurements for each scooper. It not only reinforces its discreet value, but you also get to be a savvy aesthetics collector.

No Need to Worry About Cleaning 

6 Most Well Guarded Secrets About Coke Spoons

Making lines on a surface comes with the responsibility of having to clean up. Apart from that, when snorting powder in open places, the wind will prove ruthless. With the coke spoon, this is not possible.

As long as you have your snuff bottle and coke spoon in place, you never have to worry about any of this. Besides, who likes cleaning after themselves when high? 


Coke spoons were first made famous by the McSpoon. With an exact 100 milligrams content holding, this was ideal for any drug dealer and user. It is also evident how its design readily favors scooping the powder and placing it in the nostrils. 

The tiny nature and design close to everyday objects allow more privacy when using it. One need not read anything more than an aesthetics collector when they see you in possession of one. Unlike making lines, a coke spoon is ready for use anywhere and anytime.



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